Different Add-Ons with Netherlands Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server Netherlands are the servers that let you have total control over the system that handles your total cyber experience. These webhosts would suit you the best because they offer you the best bandwidth that is impossible to get from shared servers because a lot many people are using the same server. So the unlimited bandwidth that has been promised to you by the shared server that you use. But you can always see the difference—the virtual account that you had with your server would be no match for the exclusive server you would be opting for.

Dedicated servers: points to remember

There are certain points that one must remember while buying a dedicated discount web hosting. The web hosting service is a concept based on large servers based in large halls called datacenters which store your server that is an exclusive baremetal server that has its resources only for your use. It is always recommended that you choose the web hosting service carefully. Generally, Netherlands has the webhost servers that offers you a service that is unmatched in its stability.

You can rely on the consistency of servers located in Netherlands, which is an important aspect to consider since you are interested in e-commerce. Now you must be prepared mentally to accept that you need to pay a substantial amout for these services and these services are different from the low cost packages you used to use. These may be the cheapest packages around, but they have great limitations when you have greater traffic visiting your traffic.

Also, if you are a newcomer to that shared server, you might not get preference over the user who already has a greater traffic compared to you. These servers from Netherlands are not cheap, you can have discounts. Many of these companies that deal with dedicated hosting offer you packages with the prices substantially discounted, which should make it affordable for you once you take into account that you also would be getting free of cost services like setting up of email ids and several add-on packages.

Configuration and add-on packages

You would be needing some configuration changes that is quite natural because you are now using a server that is dedicated only for your purpose. It’s obvious thatyou have to make the necessary changes to the earlier configuration of your computer. You cannot use the outdated processor that you had bought for your pc, and must opt for a dual core or a pentium 4 one at least. The CPU has to be upgraded too, the most popular one is the AMD, that is powerful one for the powerful toegewijd (dedicated) server you would be using.

You need to be aware that these webhosting services also provide you with add-on packages that would be essential for you to use. There can be a host of add-on packages from which you have to choose from. There are brilliant add ons that you can get for free along the webhosting service you are paying for. There are other services for which you have to pay, though. The price of the add-ons vary according to the functions they offer.

At first when you sigh up with your web hosting service, you will have a unique control panel that is a bit different from the one you are habituated with. Since this is a customized service, this will be custom made for commercial purposes. So there would be some essential functions that would already be there and you just have to turn them on. Other necessary packages you have to download, the links to which the web host itself will provide you with and hence it would be very easy to find and download them. The others you have to find out by yourself from the internet as need would arise. The installation process of the services is very important, and you must take care because their functions can vary with incorrect installations. You need to follow the proper directions while installing the packages, and once you succeed, you can rest assured that they will work perfectly thereafter.


With your dediziertes (dedicated) server working properly with all the add-ons that you have primarily installed, you must be cautious about the updates they offer. Often, the host does not have a syncronized work pattern with your system if you do not update them properly. In the beta stage, with your internet on, the updates will automatically be done in the cPanel for the add-ons that you have been getting through the web hosting service. In the latter stage however, it will upgrade itself so that it can update all the add-ons you have downloaded from the internet automatically.

What are the different add-on packages?

There are a lot of add-on packages that you can make use of and let us see the list of the most popular add-on packages that you will surely be needing:

Bandwidth module: This add-on is created by the esteemed Apache, and is very useful for those who are opting for reseller packages. The function of this add-on function is very crucial. It helps you to control the bandwidth of your web host according to your need. This helps you to optimize the webhosting service you are using.

Clamavconnector: This add-on protects you from viruses and thus you can understand the importance it holds in your system. This too is in the beta stage, and helps detect and clean the viruses, worms and trojans that might enter your system through the spam mails that you receive everyday in abundance. You cannot afford your system to get infected because it would contain sensitive data, and so this add on is absolutely essential.

Cronconfig: This add-on would help and assist you real time in running the cron programs. This is also a cPanel add on. This great add-on provided by your webhosting service provider is again of great use for resellers.

Mod Spambot: This add-on can be very useful in curbing the amount of spam that enters your system through the dedicated server. This cool Sourceforge product can be used by running Apace which will help you to eliminate the spam at the very beginning, not letting them enter your system. There are also some spam bots that try to index your web host, and these too can be prevented by using this add-on by correctly installing it.

Tomcat: This is yet again a cool add-on by Apache. This helps you to monitor the various applications in your dedicated server, and moreover, this helps you to run Java applications.

ModMono: This add-on is created by Mono and this is a crucial application because it lets you .ASP applications and the .NET applications as well.


So, it can be seen that there are a lot of add-ons that are made for specific purposes and you have to choose the add-ons with care. You have to keep in mind that there are websites that do not need you to have the .JSP, .NET or the .ASP applications but you would need these to be able to make your site run faster. You may also need these for the scripts you have written, so choose wisely, according to your budget.